Time to Fish Picture of the Month

11 June 2020

Wow it couldn't come too soon, with many countries starting to come out of lockdown on the 1 July and others to follow, it cant come too soon for all of us to get back on the water. Despite missing a very large part of the prime gamefish season in areas like the Dominican Republic, The Bahamas, Cape Verde, Florida etc there is still the opportunity to catch the fish of a lifetime and while many tournaments had been cancelled we look forward to seeing some amazing fish being caught, landed and billfish being released when they don't qualify as tournament winning fish.

To celebrate the return to the water, the Gamefish World Cup is running a competition with free entry for the best action gamefish picture of the month. There will be a monthly prize winner for the best Billfish picture and Best Mahi Picture as well as, at the end of the November 2020 the Best Overall Picture of the season. Prizes will be shipped free to the winners address. Each month the prize for the month will be announced being a lure by Big T Lures and the overall winner for the season receiving the full offshore gamefish package a spread of 8 lures.

Beginning Monday 15 June through 14 July the prize is the award winning and proven multiple Grander Marlin catcher the Leopard lure for the Billfish photo of the month as well as a Leopard lure for the Mahi/Dorado photo of the month. Send your pictures to info@gamefishworldcup.com or post on our Facebook page with the place and date where the catch took place.