Start Planning where to fish

The Countdown has begun to the exciting new format. For the first time ever, pitting anglers around the world over two 2-day weekends, one being the Easter Weekend  11 & 12 April 2020 and the 2nd being the 23 & 24 May also Memorial Day weekend in the USA. There are a few formats of offshore tournaments that endeavour to pit worldwide anglers in a competition to see who is the best on the day in the world, but the problem often is, that one either has to travel to a  country and area one is not familiar with and there is significant home ground advantage, or the fish species does not occur in a wide enough area of the oceans of the world. This has now changed with the Gamefish World Cup. Dorado, Mahi-mahi, Dolfinfish swim the oceans of the world  and you can now fish in a competition from your own homeport in your own homeground. Similarly Sailfish occur in a wide range of ocean and on the day anyone can catch the biggest sail of the day. We have introduced as well the Marlin section which in essence pits Blue Marlin against Black Marlin, the biggest fish of the tournament wins. Indeed the marlin category can be won by any marlin exceeding the minimum weight. Anyone can participate from the person on his fishing kayak to the group who go out on a recreational driftboat.  Fish not in the running weigh wise, we encourage you to tag, using the tags supplied by either of our two tagging partners, The Billfish Foundation and the Dolfinfish Reasearch Program. There will be prizes for that as well. More about this later!

Start planning now, where are you going to fish