One Worldwide Tournament, 3 Category winners 1 Champion

13 January 2020

Happy New Year to every angler out there. After the holiday festivities, we are settling into the new Year. 2020!! Its Going to be a Huge one in many ways, least of all is the brand new worldwide search for THE BEST of THE BEST Angler in the inaugural GAMEFISH WORLD CUP. We are excited to see who and from which country, is going to get their name on the Trophy for the Overall winner of the Gamefish World Cup. 3 Fish, 2 Weekends 1 HUGE cashprize winner PER fish category for Dorado/Mahi-mahi/Dolfinfish, any Sailfish and any Marlin, Black or Blue that meets the minimum weight standard. In addition to the three winner takes all, cash prizes, possibly the most prized collectors artwork of all time, a personally commissioned, custom artwork by the most recognised iconic name in offshore big game fishing artists, Carey Chen goes to the overall winner, being the Dorado category. Carey Chen art has been known to sell for upwards of $75000. Make this your piece on your wall. This piece will be irreplaceable. Anyone can participate, no matter how big or small your boat or kayak for that matter is. The playing fields are level in the Dorado category. Never before has there been such an opportunity to compete worldwide in your own homeground waters, or any waters you choose. Fished over two weekends, giving everyone the chance to have fair weather and the best shot at a winning fish. You can fish one weekend or both weekends, your choice. Its time to plan your strategy, prepare your tackle, ready your crew.